FullStack Team Lead

The Position

We are looking for FullStack Team Lead with experience in .NET core, Azure, JavaScript, React, ASP.NET (webforms) and MSSQL to join our team.

The ideal candidate must have a solid knowledge of .NET, C#, ASP.NET (webforms), React, JavaScript, MSSQL and Azure, to work in a project in important company for modernization and migration to the cloud.



- Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable and reliable software
- Migrate legacy functionalities and applications to new cloud systems
- Identify errors, and design solutions to these problems (maintenance)
- Help maintain code quality, architecture, and automation
- Lead the fullstack developers team
- Assign tasks to the dev team
- Work close to the Architect and Project Manager

Required Skills

- Proven experience as an ASP.NET webforms and REST services with .NET core
- At least 5 years of experience or worked in 2 companies or 2 different projects leading a team.
- Knowledge of .NET, ASP.NET, React, JavaScript, MSSQL, C# and Azure
- Fundamental understanding of design and development principles
- Familiarity with microservices architectures
- Experience in legacy applications with ASP.NET webforms
- Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases
- Problem solving skills and attention to detail
- Leading dev teams

Contract Type

- Contractor
- USD/Crypto payment
- By hours or full-time